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The Yashica DigiFilm Saga

Recent Blog Posts - Fri, 2018-10-12 00:27

On October 10th, 2017 a daring project was launched on Kickstarter. The project was to revive the legendary camera brand Yashica and create a hybrid camera that combined the limitations and character of film  with the ease of use that comes with shooting digital. All of this was going to be wrapped up in a retro-styled rangefinder camera that reminded us of the legendary Electro 35 GSN. It struck a nerve with many people and according to their kickstarter update on October 11th, the project was fully funded in only 4 hours.

Shortly after, the first impressions started popping up. Reviews like this one from DP Review, labelled it as “everything wrong with retro design” and noted that 5,100 “fools” back the initial campaign. By the time that both the Kickstarter and the Indiegogo campaigns finished there were a total of 7,967 “fools” eagerly “expecting the unexpected” as the tagline of the campaign said. In all reality, this was a successful campaign, and I was one of those fools who backed the project. However, I was not expecting a fuji level camera by any stretch of the imagination. I just wanted to see what Yashica could do with my investment and if it could live up the the trusty Electro 35 GSN.

Poorly Run and Awful Communication

The campaign on Kickstarter started off good. They promised that the product would be ready by April of 2018. They met their stretch goal and added an upgraded “4G” lens and a 2.0 aperture. They also upgraded the sensor as well. Then, suddenly after December 2017, things took a turn for the weird. There was zero communication in January. By March they admitted that they were behind and that the camera would not be shipped until the end of July. On July 29th, they mentioned nothing about the shipment date and showed images of the tooling process and some barebones cameras. Backers were starting to get frustrated.

The following update mentioned more about the “grainy effect” and that shipment would start in August. Backers were dropping like flies and begging for refunds. Sadly many struggled to communicate with Yashica at this point. August went by with nothing being sent out to the backers. However, Yashica did announce that they had set up a pop-up store in Lane Crawford, a department store in Hong Kong. This was the first time people could get a up close look at this camera. The reviews were not good.

The fact that they had not even started sending out cameras to backers but were opening up pop-up stores infuriated the backers. By September, members of the Yashica Y25 facebook group started mentioning that they were receiving email confirmations and some even got tracking info. By the 28th of September, I finally received my confirmation. On October 4th, I received my tracking information. As of today, October 11th 2018, I actually received  my camera.

YASHICA – digiFilm B&W

Just a Toy in a Box

I was really interested in what this little camera would be like. I had read the reviews and heard people’s initial thoughts, so I was not expecting anything too great. The initial look was not bad but not good either. It was faintly reminiscent of the miniature cameras that I picked up recently in Japan from the coin-op machines at Yodobashi. I am not exaggerating that fact either. The camera felt light and plasticy and the viewfinder is just a plastic window without any framelines.  This was a far from the stylish camera in the video for the campaign.

Without the batteries, it just feels light and cheap. Adding the batteries, does add a bit of weight which does make it feel a little better in the hand. However, the rest of the camera still has that cheap toy feel. Perhaps this what the “unexpected” part that they had put into their tagline. However, I could see nothing of the “significant upgrades” or anything that Yashica had promised once they had blown passed their shipment deadlines. It was like what Ron Leach from Shutterbug Magazine said “My disappointment is simple: The new Y35 is pretty much a gimmick with nice retro styling—not a tool for serious photographers.”

The sad part is that there was seemingly no attention to detail in the design or construction of this camera. The film rewind knob is molded into the case which adds to the overall cheapness. This could have been used a self-timer or something. They could have at least made it metal which would have made the camera look a little less fake. Same thing with the power switch. The grooves on the power switch of my Electro 35 are similar to that of what you would find on the edge of a coin. The grooves on the Y35 power switch are laughably huge to the point that they look as if someone drew them on a napkin and then just rendered the drawing in a 3D printer. You can adjust the exposure 5 stops where you would set the iso on the Electro 35 which is a nice touch, but they should have added a few more of those touches to round out the camera.

The feel of shooting with the the Y35 is lame at best. Again, without the framelines it just feels like I am pretending to photograph… something. The Y35 gives out a wimpy fake shutter sound after you have pressed the shutter button. The pathetic part is that the camera keychain that my wife bought me a few years ago has the same but slightly louder fake shutter sound. The only indicator that this contraption is even working is the led at the back. It changes from purple to red. Even that, seems poorly constructed for some reason.

YASHICA – digiFilm B&W

A Whole Lot of “MEH…”

The photos that the Y35 produced were lackluster and distorted. While I liked the idea of waiting to get back home to check the results, they were disappointing at best. I received 4 DigiFilms with my pledge: B&W, 6×6, 1600, and 200. By far the B&W and the 200 are my favourites. The 6×6 seems to be designed for the instagram crowd but also has a weird pee-coloured shade of yellow to it. The 1600 is ok but I will have to test it out in low light a bit more.

YASHICA – digiFilm 6×6


The biggest thing here is that they lack any sort of character or desirable quality. This combined with a cheaply made camera makes for a disappointing experience all around. This is different from a holga or something where you know that it is crap and going to produce a weird photo but that is what you bought it for. The Yashica people actually think that this is a superior product and “unlike anything else on the market” as they said once in their updates.

YASHICA – digiFilm 200


If Yashica was really going for an actual camera then they should have done a little more with the backers money than make a toy camera with a fake shutter sound. The first recommendation I would say would be to beef up the camera. Make it of equal weight and size to the Electro 35. A metal body would have been nice but at least they could have gone with a material that did not feel like child’s toy.

YASHICA – digiFilm 1600

With regards to the DigiFilm, I would have opted to start with a few “legendary” films first. How cool would it have been if they got permission to emulate Kodak T-max or Ilford HP5 Plus? The DigiFilms could have the same brading as the the film cansters and whatnot. Yashica could have been the one system that could save some types of film from being forgotten by converting them to their proprietary “DigiFilm” format. What better way to get film lovers to buy your toy camera than to save their beloved films in a format that lasts forever. This would have worked a lot better than pee-stained instagram-style films.

YASHICA – digiFilm 200

The Bottomline

As one commenter stated recently in the facebook group “For those who own it and find faults in it, it’s not meant to be on par with your DSLR” and for the price that I paid off of Kickstarter, I certainly was not expecting anything near a DSLR. However, what I was expecting was a camera that at least was well made for what it was. Meaning that while it is a novel concept, the wimpy fake shutter sound and the odd distortion make it feel like they just stopped caring after a while. Had they created a nifty little camera that performed well and was well made, they could have proved a lot of the critics wrong, myself included.

YASHICA – digiFilm B&W

This project was never meant to give everyone a 2018 version of the Electro 35 and that must be stated. Also note that this is not even made by the same company that made that legendary camera either. This was a project that started out with a half-baked idea and followed through with a half-baked product. It is as simple as that. Does it work? YES. Does it do what Yashica said it would? YES. However, it also just feels thrown together the way that you would find a “digital retro camera” in a novelty store. In the future versions, Yashica needs to up their game and put together a fully formed camera.

If you are looking for that traditional feel, go to Ebay and pick up an old Electro 35. They are a great camera and there are tons of them around that are in great condition. They have a sharp lens and are perfect for those wanting to play around with a rangefinder without dropping big bucks on a Leica.

If you are looking for a retro-style camera to shoot that is digital, then download Hipstamatic and invest in a few films, lenses and skins. For a few bucks you can emulate the feel of an old camera on your phone and produce some interesting photos at the sametime. I feel that these photos have a lot more character than the DigiFilms and the lens on my iPhone has way less distortion.

random double exposure with hipstamatic


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How To Say ‘King’ In Korean

Recent Blog Posts - Fri, 2018-10-12 00:17

Around the world, many different types of governments and rulers exist. Most countries have a president while others have a prime minister in charge. Many countries with prime ministers in charge have royal families. Kings and emperors, in highly respected positions, even if they carry no real power. People seem to hold particular interest towards kings, queens, princes, and princesses of the world.

So today, the new word we will learn is related to this royal topic as well. Indeed, today we will learn how to say ‘king’ in Korean! Now let’s get to learning some royal vocabulary!


Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!


‘King’ in Korean

The most commonly used word for how to say king in Korean is 왕 (wang). In some situations, you may also see the words 제왕 (jewang) and 국왕 (gukwang) used. However, nearly always just the word 왕 by itself will do just fine, especially in spoken situations. There are other words as well, but they have double meanings that are unrelated to this topic. In this article, we’re limiting the vocabulary of the word king to these three words for the time being. Just to limit confusion. Even the word 제왕 also shares the meaning of ’emperor’.


A word of caution about Romanization

While it is possible for you to study the words in this article simply by reading their romanized versions, it will come in handy for you to be able to read Hangeul if you ever wish to come to Korea. Hangeul is the Korean alphabet, and not difficult to learn. In fact, you can learn it in just 90 minutes.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with Hangeul, life in Korea will suddenly seem so much easier and the country won’t appear so foreign for you. So, if you’re serious about learning Korean, why not learn Hangeul today?


Sample Sentences


어느 날에는 그 왕자가 왕의 자리에 오를거에요. (eoneu nareneun geu wangjaga wange jarie oreulgeoeyo.)

One day that prince will be crowned king.


누군가 영국의 왕으로 될거지요? (nugunga yeonguke wangeuro dwilgeojiyo?)

Who will become the kind of United Kingdom?


국왕이라도 그 나라의 모든 법을 지켜야하지요. (gugkwangirado geu narae modeun beobeul jikhyeoyahajiyo.)

Even that country’s king must follow all the laws.



밀림의 제왕은 바로 사자야. (millime jewangeun baro sajaya.)

Lion is the king of the jungle.


Now that you know how to say king in Korean, are you excited to learn how to refer to the rest of the royal family members in Korean as well? Let us know what other royal words you’d like to learn next!


*Want more Korean phrases? Go to our Korean Phrases Page for a complete list!


Photo Credit: BigStockPhoto


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Violin Lessons (Seoul)

Busan Classifieds - Fri, 2018-10-12 00:13


I'm offering private lessons for all ages and all levels, from the beginners to the advanced students. When I had taught violin in the states, my students won auditions of the highest level of AYPO (http://www.aypo.org), DC Youth Orchestra, and so on. I am accepting more students and you can study violin at your own pace in a warm, nurturing, and patient environment. I can travel for In-home lessons or you can come to my place, located near Gwanghwamun (Northern Seoul).

š Degree of Bachelor; Master; Doctor of Musical Arts (PhD) in violin performance major in the U.S. 
š Teaching violin for more than 10 yrs in the U.S. 
š Currently, a violin instructor and an active violinist in ensembles and orchestras 

For more information and rates, please feel free to contact to me!

Best Regards


Free Large Fridge/Freezer

Busan Classifieds - Thu, 2018-10-11 20:13
Upgraded, so this one has to go. Loads of fridge and freezer space. It's been a real workhorse. Solid fridge/freezer. Available at the end of Oct. 01057751956

Busan to host World Microscopy Conference in 2022 - CIT Magazine

Busan News - Thu, 2018-10-11 18:09

CIT Magazine

Busan to host World Microscopy Conference in 2022
CIT Magazine
The International Microscopy Congress 2022 (IMC20) will take place from September 25 - 30, 2022 in Busan, South Korea. Approximately 3,000 delegates from 37 countries around the world are expected to attend the congress. The conference is the largest ...

Busan One Asia Festival 2018, a Landmark Hallyu Fiesta, to Open Oct. 20 Meet the K-pop Top Stars in Busan - Business Wire (press release)

Busan News - Thu, 2018-10-11 17:20

Business Wire (press release)

Busan One Asia Festival 2018, a Landmark Hallyu Fiesta, to Open Oct. 20 Meet the K-pop Top Stars in Busan
Business Wire (press release)
BUSAN, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Asia's largest Hallyu festival will be held in Busan from Oct. 20 to 28. Organized by BUSAN METROPOLITAN CITY, the Busan One Asia Festival 2018 (BOF) will feature K-pop and other various aspects of the Korean ...

and more »

KJ Holdings Full-time Native English teacher in Busan, Guseo

Busan Jobs - Thu, 2018-10-11 14:42

KJ Holdings looking for Full-time Native English teachers in Busan (Guseo) KJ Holdings owns three English Academy's across Busan, all schools have great groups of student and teachers. I have been working at the Namcheon branch for two years now, so please feel free to ask me anything about the company.

We now have a few brand new teaching positions available. Come in for an interview check out the schools, meet the team and get a chance to talk to the person you will replace in person.

Start: ASAP

Location: Guseo, Busan - Great location on the orange line (Line 1), 2 stops away from PNU.

Hours: 2-10pm

Benefits: All standard benefits provided (Pension, medical insurance, severance pay and return flight)

Housing: Your choice - Modern apartment close to the school, or housing allowance.

Vacation: 10 days paid (5 days you pick, 5 days the school picks) plus national holidays.

Students: From 1st grade elementary to 3rd-grade middle schools. Our kids are pretty awesome!

**We are only looking for teachers already in Korea, who are available for an in-person interview. We are only accepting applications from the following countries: USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada.

**If you are interested in the position, please send your resume and a recent photo of yourself (this is standard for Korea) to Sagal at chfks82@naver.com our review. In your email be sure to state the following in the subject line: KJC English Applicant (Nationality/ Name/ Age)

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? :  Yes Are you a licensed recruiter? :  Yes

ASAP in Centum City

Busan Jobs - Thu, 2018-10-11 14:03

This school needs a teacher.

Starting date: ASAP
Location: Centum City, Busan
Salary: 2.1-2.2 million Won/month
Working hours : Mon-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Students: Kindergarten and Elementary
Housing: single
Basic Benefits: Severance payment upon completion of your contract, one-way airfare, 10 days paid vacation, Medical Insurance (50/50), National Pension.(50/50)


To APPLY, please mention this AD and send your resume and picture to: rbikorea@mail.com



Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? :  Yes Are you a licensed recruiter? :  Yes

Property is for rent (English ACADEMY or any office ) pay only rent

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Currently is equiped for an english academy. But can be used for an office( seminar room or anything else). The place is quipped with tables, chairs,sofas, shelves, boards, airconditioning and heating, cctv and private restroom. whole 2nd floor = 5 rooms+ hall+ restroom.

500.000 /month . No deposit. No investments. No contract.



Flower/Plant Pots 1,000-3,000

Busan Classifieds - Thu, 2018-10-11 12:13
A variety of shapes and sizes. Could use a bit of a clean, but otherwise, in good condition. Prices vary according to size, but very low prices. 1,000-3,000

1 World History teacher and 1 Spanish teacher need February, 2019 In Mungyeong

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1 World history teacher and 1 Spanish teacher need February, 2019 in Mungyeong



We want 1 World history teacher and 1 Spanish teacher


Here is the job offer.





*Requirement: Christian




Starting day: Begining of February, 2019




Wage: 2.4 Million Won




Teaching target: Middle ~ High school students




Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am ~ 5:00pm




Holiday: Depends on the school's vacation




Accommodation: Single housing



Benefits: Airfare, Severance pay, health insurance, pension




Send me your resume and pictures and write #181011-2 Mungyeong Position by email atop2008@naver.com





Thank you.












1 English teacher and 1 Math teacher Need February, 2019 in Eumseong-gun

Busan Jobs - Thu, 2018-10-11 11:42







We want 1 English teacher and 1 Math teacher in Eumseong-gun


Here is the job offer





*** Requirement: Christian





Starting day: Beginning of February, 2019



Wage: 2.4 Million Won



Teaching target: Middle ~ High school students



Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am ~ 5:00pm




Holiday: Depends on the school's vacation




Accommodation: Single housing




Benefits: Airfare, severance pay, health insurance, pension






Send me your resume and pictures and write #181011-1 Eumseong-gun Position by email atop2008@naver.com





Thank you.











Couch, lamp, air purifier, fan, and storage items for sale

Busan Classifieds - Thu, 2018-10-11 10:13

I am selling a lightly used couch, fan, lamp, air purifier, and two wooden storage containers as well as 3 matching wicker baskets.  Trying to sell these early as I'm leaving in February.

You will have to pick up these items, especially like larger items as I do not have a car. Storage items I can sell for 1,000won each.

5,000won each for the air purifier, lamp, and fan

The couch I will sell for 50,000won. 

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing any items.


Looking for work of any kind in Busan

Busan Classifieds - Thu, 2018-10-11 10:13
Native English Speaker looking for work of any kind in Busan. I have experience as an English Teacher, working with kids, as a boxing and athletic trainer, as well as working in bars, sales, dog walking and animal care, and various general thinking on your feet type work. I am an adaptable hard working person that is professional while working yet still fun and pleasant to be around. Any type of work is wanted from permanent to a random odd job that just takes a few hours that you'd rather have someone else deal with. Pay is negotiable depending on the job

Large Fridge/Freezer 40,000 ono

Busan Classifieds - Thu, 2018-10-11 08:13
Upgraded, so this one has to go. Loads of fridge and freezer space. It's been a real workhorse. Solid fridge/freezer. Available at the end of Oct. 40,000 ono 01057751956

Pre-loved Coats and Autumn/Winter Clothes for Sale

Busan Classifieds - Thu, 2018-10-11 08:13

Hi guys!


I have some autumn/winter coats and clothes for sale.

They do not fit me anymore, but I hope they can be of use to others.

Prices are as follows:

1. 10,000won - YSB Style long padding (winter)

2. 10,000won - Village trench coat (Autumn/early winter)

3. 5,000won - Cynthia coat (Autumn/early winter)

4. 5,000won  - Columbia hiking/walking jacket (spring/autumn)

I can let all 4 go for 25,000won.

5. 5,000 won - La Fuma hiking pants (Autumn/winter)

6. 5,000 won - La Fuma hiking pants (Autumn/winter)

Or 8,000 won for both 

7. (not pictured separately) I also have 1,000-4,000won autumn/winter clothes 

8. 25,000 won (not pictured) - There is also a Rogatis suit(pair). It is my husband's but he lost weight, and he does not want to wear it anymore. -He used it only 2x I think.

All of them are in great condition. If you are interested, please send me an email. I live around 8 minutes by walk from Yeonsan station. You are welcome to visit our place to check the clothes before buying.


'Savage' ('Xue Bao'): Film Review | Busan 2018 - Hollywood Reporter

Busan News - Thu, 2018-10-11 03:05

Hollywood Reporter

'Savage' ('Xue Bao'): Film Review | Busan 2018
Hollywood Reporter
Bowing at Busan, Savage loomed large over its more modestly-funded rivals in the New Currents competition. It had unquestionable appeal for Busan audiences with its depictions of the legendary Changbai Mountain aka Mount Baekdu, a revered landmark ...

Korean FAQ – 어디 있어요? vs 어디예요?

Recent Blog Posts - Thu, 2018-10-11 02:39

This Korean FAQ episode is for people who are high beginner or above, at least. Or for anyone who's learned that both 어디 있어요 and 어디예요 are both valid ways of asking where something is. Well, both are valid... in most cases.

Did you know there's actually a difference between using 있다 ("to exist") and 이다 ("to be") with 어디 ("where")? This is something I couldn't find explained in other videos, so I wanted to show how it works.

Do you have any suggestions for future Korean FAQ episodes? Let me know~!

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'House of Hummingbird' ('Beolsae'): Film Review | Busan 2018 - Hollywood Reporter

Busan News - Thu, 2018-10-11 02:26

Hollywood Reporter

'House of Hummingbird' ('Beolsae'): Film Review | Busan 2018
Hollywood Reporter
Director Kim Bora brings an unblinking and feminine eye to her debut feature, in competition in Busan's New Currents section. An isolated, lonely 14-year-old girl is essentially the hummingbird of the title in first-time director Kim Bora's House of ...

A place, a feast, a history: Busan - Business Mirror

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Business Mirror

A place, a feast, a history: Busan
Business Mirror
I WAS running to the hall where the opening ceremonies of the 23rd Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) was happening. The early autumn chill was not enough to make me feel cold and threatened under my Barong Tagalog. Security was strict; my guide ...

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