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Message from the  
President of  
Dong-eui University  
(presented by Dr. Park Oksook - 
Director of The Institute of  
Foreign Language Education)
     Thank you for being here.  As President of Dong-eui University I am happy and honored to host this conference for English Education specialists.  It is a pleasure to greet all of you. 

      With English having become the international language, it is increasingly important to know how to teach it most effectively.  Meetings such as these provide one way by which we can share methodologies that work and discuss others which might also prove of value. 

English fluency reflects a country’s  position in today’s global hierarchy.  The prime directive to improve the English capability of its people is an important factor in the educational processes of every country.  And only when our educators have a polished facility with English will our students be able to master the language.  Thus, it is extremely important for English  specialists and  other concerned academicians to identify the very best teaching methods and to share their ideas and discoveries. 

  How shall we define the best teacher of English? My feeling is that the best teacher of English must be dynamic, rise to meet new challenges with both courage and innovation, and must be interested in establishing a vital working relationship with students.  Therefore, I very strongly encourage your pursuit of these qualities and dedication to these ideals.  Only in this way can our next generation be assured of a leading role in the globalized world of the new millennium. 

In parting, it is my hope this conference will provide you a venue for fruitful sharing and meaningful learning in your on-going educational development.  Good luck and have a great day.  

Keun-wu PAK, Ph.D.  
President, Dong-eui University 

Message from the  
President of Kotesol 
Carl Dustheimer
'Tis What I live for” is the response John Geilgud (as butler) gives Dudley Moore in the movie “Arthur” when asked if he would like to run Moore's bath for him.  In a less sarcastic sense, it is what I feel sometimes when I think about attending conferences.  There is truly a thrill from being with so many other teachers in an atmosphere charged with new ideas and energy from presenters.  Without the occasional (or frequent) opportunity to recharge and discover new materials, it is not difficult to become a little stale in our classrooms.  So here we are, sharing our successes and  .. lesser successes with colleagues and friends, working to fill in the gaps that we sometimes find in our classroom approaches.  In fact, you might think of the conference as one huge information gap activity! 

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the fine cast that the organizers have assembled for you today.  This year's organizing team, led by Pusan Chapter President TJ Everest, has done a tremendous job putting together this event.  The team deserves our undying appreciation for the time and energy it has taken to work through the myriad of details required to make an event such as this run smoothly.  My hat is off. 

Carl Dusthimer 
President, Korea TESOL