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An Introduction
To Our Organisation

Welcome to the third annual Pusan KOTESOL Regional Chapter Conference at
Dong Eui University! Established in 1992, KOTESOL, Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a non-profit, professional organisation whose mission is “to promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with the teaching and learning of English in Korea.”
KOTESOL is, moreover, an independent national affiliate of a growing international movement of teachers. It is closely associated with TESOL Inc., JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching), ThaiTESOL (Thailand TESOL), IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), TESL Canada, and ETA-ROC (The Republic of China English Teachers’ Association).
 The 700+ membership of KOTESOL includes Korean and native-English-speaking elementary, middle, and high school, and university-level English teachers as well as teachers-in-training, administrators, researchers, materials writers, curriculum developers, and other interested persons. It is distinct in being an English organisation with a multi-cultural membership.
 KOTESOL’s membership just keeps on growing! There are now eight chapters: Cheju, Cholla, Chongju, Kyong-gi (Suwon), Pusan, Seoul, Taegu, and Taejon. Why not become a member if you’re not already one? Annual individual membership in KOTESOL costs 40,000 won (20,000 won for students), and includes the following benefits:

1) Free entry to regular chapter meetings at all eight chapters;
2) a local chapter KOTESOL newsletter (for whichever chapter you sign up in),
giving you advance notice and preregistration discounts for regional and annual conferences;
3) free subscription to the national bi-monthly KOTESOL newsletter, The English Connection, and free copies of the annual KOTESOL journal and proceedings;
4) opportunities to build a network of important professional and cross-cultural contacts;
5) access to the latest quality teaching resources and related materials;
6) opportunities to attend  and present at KTT (KOTESOL Teacher Training)
Workshops throughout Korea;
7) professional recognition as a member of the leading multi-cultural EFL organisation in Korea. 

Again, welcome! If you are not already a member, we hope you’ll become one soon! We look forward to your participation in future KOTESOL events, particularly PAC2 (Pan Asian Conference) at the Olympic Parktel in Seoul, October 1-3, 1999.

A Message from the Pusan KOTESOL Chapter

Greetings and a warm welcome from the Pusan KOTESOL Chapter; it’s a pleasure to have you here at this conference! Today’s carefully selected presentations run the gamut from elementary to advanced, and topics, too, are diverse: from music to methodology, research to writing, games to graphics, there’s something here for everyone!

At our conference, we are striving to meet the varied needs of our Pusan Chapter members and the greater community of English teachers; we strive to do the same at our monthly meetings. Thus, we typically alternate Korean and non-Korean main speakers and What Works activity presenters at each meeting. Further, one presenter usually addresses elementary and middle school teachers while the other addresses high school and university ones or makes a presentation suitable for the entire audience.

Pusan KOTESOL monthly meetings are held the last Saturday of every month in room 606 of ESS Language Institute (Nonghyup bank building) in Kwangbokdong, just five minutes from the Nampodong subway stop. Meetings run from 3:00 – 5:00 pm; come early (2:30) for coffee, cookies, and a chat! Today’s conference replaces our regular chapter meeting for May, so we look forward to seeing you instead at our next meeting June 26th. A special thank you to ESS for kindly hosting us, and to “The Exit” for advertising our conference and monthly meetings.

Without a COMMITtee – that is, a dedicated, COMMITted team – this conference would not have been possible. Heartfelt thanks go out to the hard-working Pusan KOTESOL officers, Dr. Park Oksook and others, notably student volunteers, at Dong-Eui university, our plenary speakers Dr. Park Joo Kyung and Andrew Todd, Jeff Lebow for his invaluable support in program-making, and many other KOTESOL and non-KOTESOL folks too numerous to mention, all of whom have generously given of their time and expertise. Our gratitude also goes out to Oxford University Press for its assistance in publicising the conference, David English House and Kyobo for generous door prize donations, Young Kwang bookstore, Kim and Johnson, and other commercial organisations for their financial support.
 Thanks for coming, and have an exciting, educational day!

    Chapter Officers
BACK, left to right; Patrick  Guilfoyle, Regina Oakland, Jerry Foley, Sook Eun Cho, FRONT: Kyoung-mi Kim, Darlene Heiman, 
Shelby Largay, Jeanne Baek, Terri-Jo Everest. 

President: Terri-Jo Everest; I.L.E.C.; Pusan University of Foreign Studies
55-1 Uamdong, Namgu; Pusan 608-738
Office Tel.: 051-640-3228; Office Fax: 051-642-9387; Pager: 015-7905-5596
E-mail <teverest@taejo.pufs.ac.kr> or <teverest@hotmail.com>

1st Vice President: Jin-Hee Baek; Daepyung Elementary School
Cell: 019-551-0246; E-mail <jeannb@hanmail.net> or <jeannb@hotmail.com>

2nd Vice President: Shelby Largay; Korea Maritime University
Pager: 012-1543-6277; E-mail <slargay@hotmail.com>

Treasurer: Kim Kyung Mi; Gu-nam Elementary School
Office Tel.: 051-336-4887; E-mail <julia68k@hotmail.com>

Secretary: Regina Oakland, Pusan Teacher Training Centre
Office Tel.: 051-756-0722; E-mail <r.oakland@mailcity.com>

Membership Coordinator:  Patrick Guilfoyle; Seogu Teacher Training District
Cell: 018-551-2337; E-mail <pguilfoyle@hotmail.com>

Web Manager: Jeff Lebow; Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Office Tel: 051-640-3514; E-mail <jeff@pusanweb.com>

Conference Display Coordinator: William Tweedie; Korea Maritime University
Office Tel. 410-4596; E-mail <wmt1601@chollian.net>

Member at Large: Jerry Foley; Dong-eui University
Pager: 015-7902-3283; E-mail <jmfoley@hotmail.com>

Member at Large: Darlene Heiman; Inje University
Office Tel.: 0525320-3564; E-mail <mdheiman@hotmail.com>

Member at Large: Sook Eun Cho; KOTESOL National 2nd Vice President
Email <se1101@chollian.net>

E-mail us all:  pusankotesol@hotmail.com