Halloween Costume Contest 2007 Rules

Judging Rules


Individuals who chose to participate by registering their costumes and getting their photos taken in costume at either Ol' 55 in Kyungsung-Dae or at B-Side in PNU are eligible for the contest. If for some reason you didn't get your picture taken at one of the above bars but were at one of the participating bars in costume (Ol' 55, Vinyl Underground, Moe's, B-Side, Crossroads or Soul Trane) you can email in your submission to [email protected] and will be considered eligible providing your photo clearly shows one of the above bars, or one of the Pusanweb management team remembers you being out that night. Please include a contact phone number in your email.

Online voting will take place on Pusanweb.com from October 31, at 12:01 am to November 4, at 6:00 pm.

Individuals must register an account with Pusanweb.com in order to vote. You need a valid email address to register. One vote per registration will be accepted. Safeguards are in place to prevent ballot-stuffing. Pusanweb reserves the right to discard any suspicious votes.

Voters can choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place costume when voting. Votes are weighted accordingly.

The contest winners will be decided once the votes are tabulated on Nov. 4th. In the case of a tie, the winner will be the entrant who received the most 1st place votes. If there is still a tie, a jury of the Pusanweb Management Team and Jacky from Kangsan will decide the final winner.

First prize is a trip to Thailand sponsored by Kangsan Travel.

Second prize is a keg party at the Dongha bar of the winner's choice (Ol' 55, Vinyl Underground, Moe's, B-Side, Crossroads or Soul Trane). Sponsored by Dongha.

Third prizes are Korean lessons from KLIFF and PS Korea and sandwich coupons from No Naim.

Awarding of Prizes
Winners will be announced on Sunday, November 4 at approximately 7:30 at Vinyl Underground in Kyungsung-dae and will be posted online shortly after the live announcement. Winners who are not present at Vinyl to collect their prizes will be contacted by phone or email either Sunday night or Monday with details on how to collect their prizes.

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