December 23, 1999 - So, I wound up getting a new JVC DVM70.  One of the first things I did when the new baby arrived, was process the photos from Thierry's birthday party (where I encountered that fateful piece of cake).  It was a great party and a prolific night of photo taking. You can see the entire night of pix here.

jvn014.jpgThis is it - Supercamera's final photo.  I find it tremedously comforting to know that she went out with syle and humor.  This picture also reminds of what a great year it has been.  One of the best parts of being an Expat in Pusan is the variety of people who become part of your life.  I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful souls this year, who not only were willing and talented models, but were great people to hang out with.  It has been a really great year - from days at the beach to those late nights at Soul Trane.  Thanks to all those who have filled '99 and my hard drive with so many great moments and smiles.   ...and we're not done yet.  The plane for India leaves in a few hours.  Stay tuned for the millennium webcast and a lot more Pusan Multimedia when I return in February.  Time to pack.  A very happy New Year to all.

Jeff Lebow
The Pusanweb Guy

November 23 -  To a digital video camera, a broken pcb is fatal, or so I learned when Mr. Choi called last Friday.  I'll be picking up the remains of  Supercamera in a few weeks and she will some day join the Casio QV100 in the Worldbridges Hall of honored producers.  In the meantime, my attention has turned toward replacement.  Been checking out sites like supremevideo and beststopdigital - there are some fine digital camcorders out there.  Still haven't decided which one will help begin the Next Era (or which one I can afford), but a purchase will be made before I return to Dharamsala to webcast the Dawn of the Millennium. 
      Supercamera and I had some very fun times in Pusan,..

....but the highlight of our time together was spent building Worldbridges Tibet.  Her most prolific day was February 17, 1999.  She took 417 photos  as the Year of Earth Rabbit began.  It was a great day that included 

a puja on top of the Temple Roof
a public address by the Dalai Lama
and visits with  friends' families

   So yes, I'm very much looking forward to winter in the Himalayas, but there's little time for dwelling on future journeys or images of the past.  There's a lot going on during the next month that will keep this web builder busy (even without a faithful digital companion) and hopefully provide some new materials of interest to the Pusanweb community.  We've got a new music section to build, lots of collaborative projects in the works, including a Millennium Bash being planned  with our friends at and we're about to introduce our first sponsor, C&G Travel. 
   As I bid farewell to the Era of Supercamera, I would like to thank everyone who filled her cassettes (and my heart) with so many wonderful moments.  As the folks in Dharamsala might say, may she have a very good rebirth.

November 16 - Spoke with Mr. Choi this morning.  'Camera condition not good!'  But he was referring to how things looked on the outside - those who knew supercamera may recall that she never looked particularly well kept. Her images were sharp, but her body somewhat scuffed and worn. In any event, Mr. Choi said he'd take a look inside and get back to me by Friday.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, here are some more of Supercamera's unpublished pix.

November 12 (3:10amKST) - After sensing the worst about Supercamera's condition and finding out that JVCKorea won't be equipped to service DV cameras until next Spring, I had just about given up hope.  Last night, I 'peeked under the hood' and realized that baby  wasn't really showing any signs of mortal injury.  This morning, Mr. Choi from Sejong Media  in Seoul called to inform me that his shop could repair any JVC camera. Mr. Choi sounded like he believed, so I've decided to hold out hope or at least do everything I can to help 'baby' recover as long as that remains a possibility.  I'll be on a train headed for Yongsan  Electronics market in a few hours.  Stayed for the diagnosis from Seoul.  In the meantime, I'm preparing either a Farewell Tribute or a Welcome Back Exhibition that will include many of Supercamera's never before published photos.

November 8
There are any number of ways to mark the pivots of our lives.  I've come to mark them with digital cameras. 

    The First Era  began with the Camera That Changed My Life.  Together, we explored the heights of the Pre-IMF Expat scene and even made it to the Olympics.  That fine little piece of technology went down shooting on a festive night in Nagano.  Her demise eventually ushered in a time of multipixeled, rapid zooming brilliance - The Era of Supercamera. Last weekend, on a 'nuit de fete'  in Pusan, this glorious Second Era, came to an end. 

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