Pusanweb Coverage of The Busan Asian Games
Oct. 7, 2002- Kabaddi

One of the more esoteric sports in the Asian Games, Kabbadi is played by two 7 player sides which take turns raiding each other's side of the court. Points are scored by either a raider touching an opposing player and safely returning to his side, or by an opposing team capturing a raider and preventing him from returning to his side.

Full Speed Kabaddi Action

While kabaddi chanting is usually inaudible, KrankyPete goes behind the scenes and cranks up the volume.
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Slow Motion Hightlights

A Message from Kuldeep. K. Gupta of the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India
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Bangladeshi Cheering Squad - an enthusiastic group of admumas and adjashi's

Writings - Patrick Carle Catches Kabaddi Fever

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The Anatomy of a Capture
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